Inu Base Protocol

INUB Introduction

DeFi 3.0 Auto-Staking with All-time Highest Fixed APY
Inu Base gives the $INUB token automatic staking and compounding features, and one of the highest Fixed APY in the market 2,033,199.56%


  • Auto-Staking | Compound-Interest: No need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are staked, and set to receive rebase rewards. Interest is always yielding and always compounding in your wallet.
  • Auto-Burn: “The Fire Pit” automatic token burning mechanism, it will burns 2% out of all $INUB Token market sales and is burned in the same individual transaction. Transfer ownership of Fire Fit wallet address to Binance Deployer.
  • Auto-Liquidity Provide: Every 48 hours, the Inu Base Auto-Liquidity Provide Feature will inject automated liquidity into the market. On each buy or sell order there is a tax fee (2% Buy and 5% Sell) that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol's smart contract.
  • Fast Rebase Rewards: 8 minutes/epoch - Inu Base Auto-staking Protocol pays every 8 minutes or 180 times every day, making it the fastest auto-staking protocol in crypto.
  • Highest Fixed APY: With a fixed interest rate of 0.01510%/epoch and Auto-staking Protocol, Inu Base will generate a huge APY of 2,033,199.56% in the first year.
  • Fees Hard Coded: Rug-Proof - Unlike Titano and Libero, Inu Base has fixed fees that cannot be changed. This ensures safety for $INUB token holders.
  • Anti-Bot: Block bots and minimize $INUB price manipulation during listing launch.
  • Move-To-Earn: Inu Sport is not only a health and fitness app, but it also integrates with the Inu Base protocol, giving users health and financial freedom.
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